Mission Statement

Allow us a moment to introduce ourselves. Mariah Resources is a new company in the wind power generation industry. As such a new approach to the industry is required. Mariah Resources has drawn together many of the most talented people in the industry under one banner with one goal. We are dedicated to the prospect of streamlining and reducing the costs associated with operating and maintaining wind turbine generators. In an industry accelerating as fast as wind power, the only way to harness the value from segment experts is to provide them an environment to work together, free from competition with one another. Mariah Resources has effectively bundled lubrication technicians, field service technicians, operations and maintenance experts, engineers and agents to help a customer with construction and commissioning. This collection working in concert produces one result, a customer with lower operating cost and higher availability. Wind power is the most dynamic area of growth in power generation today. Insomuch, the challenges of this future will require companies capable of focusing their effort to cure, not simply treat these challenges. Mariah Resources is positioned at your side to assist in this future.